Mystique Hospitality Solutions (MHS) is a Cape Town based, owner-run, consultancy that has prodigious experience in all elements of the hospitality industry. MHS has identified three key sectors where many establishments find themselves in need of either more support or more exposure: – reservations, operations and marketing and promotional services.

The three-pronged solution offered by MHS targets the all-important levels of service, expected by your guests. These begin from the initial awareness and contact with your potential guests (or their agents), to the final good-byes, reviews and feedback.

MHS is unique in the services and levels of expertise offered can be as extensive as required – there is no obligation to harness all the ministrations offered.

Transition of systems is seamless. Establishments have the choice of retaining their identity, even though MHS is the driving force behind the service offering.

MHS has extensive databases of international and national tour operators, travel agents, ground handlers, press and media. These are apprised daily and remain the heart of our promotional and marketing strategy.

Being located in Cape Town, the tourism capital of South Africa, meetings and training sessions can be held with many key agents and operators. For those located in other corners of South Africa, webinars or road shows can be arranged.

With more than 30 years combined lodge management, the owners of MHS can provide expert insight and devise operational systems precisely and efficiently. Depending on the requirements, these can then be trained, implemented and regularly monitored.


To provide the most efficient, cost-effective, productive solutions for establishments to master their interactions with their guests and gain the maximum exposure possible for the least amount of money spent.