An enquiry is an establishment’s first point of consequential contact with their potential guests. This is either done directly by the guest or through an agent, tour operator or ground handler. There are many means in which this may arise, either by an email, through your website, in response to your marketing collateral, an advert or promotional medium, or even via the telephone or skype. In whichever way the enquiry arrives, the time you take and the manner, in which you respond, will have a significant impact on whether or not you are able to make the sale.

We have a great reputation within the trade on our response times and reliability of giving accurate information. If we manage your booking process, you automatically get the same reputation in the industry.

As with all our services, these can be tailor made to suit your needs. We are also open to retaining your personal identity with this, and our reservations specialist will use your identity (email / skype / telephone), should you prefer this.

We cover the full spectrum of the reservation beginning with the:

  • Enquiry (email / skype or telephonic)
  • Response (template, time and detail)

Then moving onto the:

  • Follow up (if unanswered)

Or the best result, the:

  • Booking

And finally sharing the information:

  • With the Lodge managers

If you have an online booking system, we would happily learn this, if we are not already familiar with it. If you have no system, we could design a simple, inexpensive one for you.

Analysis of the enquiries and subsequent bookings is an important tool in understanding your business, and we would be able to give you your monthly statistics on these.

Assisting your accounting department with the financial aspects of the reservation, i.e. invoicing and payment controls could also form part of the service, should you require.

Guest information is imperative for the Lodge managers to have an expectation on the guests prior to arrival. The agreed upon information will all be attained with the booking. Pre-departure information on what the guest should expect and emergency numbers should also be passed onto the guest prior to departure.

Third party transfer companies, if any, will need to be booked and monitored, and this is professionally maintained to your requirements by Mystique Hospitality Solutions.