Boasting more than 30 years combined lodge management, the owners of Mystique Hospitality Solutions (MHS), can assist your lodge management with as much support, guidance and structure as necessary. MHS has, over the years, developed a working methodology that can assess, identify, plan and implement all operational requirements.


  • A full assessment of the operation would be needed initially to understand the logistics and intricacies of the property, as all operations and the people that run them are different and require varying probes and questions to be able to draw out the necessary information and expertise.
    • The primary assessment would be done remotely, i.e. determining the extent of written policy, procedures and manuals.
    • The secondary assessment would be done on site, and would require interviewing of the team, and experiencing the product, level’s of service and safety / security. Survey the operations’ equipment and facilities.
    • Full report of the above assessments will be given and discussed with the ownership.


  • Discussion of the assessment report with ownership will result in the identification of key areas that may require transformation.
  • Draft an Operational Plan, which outlines the key areas, recording the short/medium and long-term goals to be achieved (within a realistic timeline) by operations General Management.


Should it be required, MHS can spend time onsite discussing and explaining the Operational Plan, and assisting with the training and implementation thereof.


Creation of manuals including Standard Operating Procedures to be used by current and future lodge management, ensuring continuity.